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Can You Go Home the Same Day After Knee Replacement?

Wondering if it’s possible to have total knee replacement done as an outpatient surgery? For the right candidate, it is.

Though the duration of your hospital stay can vary, many patients having knee replacement don’t need to stay in the hospital very long. A lot of hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers offer what’s called outpatient surgery. This means you could go home within 23 hours after surgery.

There are advantages to doing this, like the possibility of reducing a larger hospital bill and getting you back to home as soon as possible. If you’re a reasonably healthy patient, you may be a candidate for outpatient surgery. Only your doctor can determine if this is an appropriate option for you.

Outpatient joint replacement may be considered for appropriately screened patients who are determined to have a relatively low health risk, and adequate social support at home to assist with postoperative recovery. Ask your doctor about the possible risks associated with outpatient joint replacement surgery. For more information on the risks of total knee replacement, click here.

Patient Guide to Outpatient Joint Replacement

Did you know that some joint replacement procedures have the option for outpatient surgery? Click here for a free guide to outpatient joint replacement surgery.

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