Having Fun this Summer Despite Your Joint Pain

Joint pain can dampen even the best of intentions. If you are one of the many suffering from joint pain, here are a few simple ways to get out and enjoy the warm weather.

Longer days, budding trees and the return of sunshine all indicate one thing… summer is coming! If you suffer from joint pain, this time of year can be tough. You remember the days when you could get around and do anything you wanted. Now, you’re starting to feel more limited in your abilities and that can take its toll on your psyche. Thankfully, there are still plenty of things you can do outside to enjoy the season.

Have a picnic or host a BBQ. There’s something about eating outside on a summer day that warms the soul. Adding friends or family to the occasion can make it even more enjoyable. Not the social type? That’s ok. Going on a picnic by yourself can be calming and enjoyable.

Watch the birdies. Birdwatching can actually be an all-season activity, but in the summertime, you have the added bonus of sitting outdoors. Plus, you get to hear the birds singing while enjoying some sunshine.

Plant a butterfly garden. Gardening in general can be a great hobby. Why not plant a few flowers that attract butterflies? Once it’s complete, you can sit outside and enjoy the butterflies fluttering about.

Gardening With Joint Pain

Go for a walk. Our bodies are made to move. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, low impact exercise is typically good for sore joints1; ask your doctor what exercise might be right for your specific condition. A fun alternative, try water walking if you live near a pool or lake.

Photograph the alphabet. Remember when you used to see animal shapes in the clouds? If we stop and look, there are shapes, letters, and images all around us. See if you can photograph objects shaped as letters through the entire alphabet.

Try canoeing or kayaking. If your joint pain is limited to your legs, this can be a very relaxing, low-impact exercise. Many lakes have hidden nooks that aren’t accessible by boat. Taking a row in a canoe or kayak can bring you to a beautiful place you’ve never seen.


Cast out a line. Whether you’re trying to catch the biggest fish in the lake, or sitting with an old cane pole at the edge of the water, fishing can be a great outdoor activity. It may sound silly, but some people find the simple act of fishing so relaxing, that they don’t even bait their hook. Which is a bonus if you’re not into removing the fish after it’s been caught.

Visit a farmers market. You can find all kinds of things at your local farmers market. From fruits and veggies, to flowers and crafts, there are all kinds of things to toddle through. Plus, walking around will provide a nice, low-impact exercise to keep you moving.

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