How Tech-Savvy Are You?

If you’re someone who doesn’t consider themselves tech-savvy, take our quiz to find out the truth.

I’m not tech-savvy.

Technology and I don’t agree.

I don’t have the patience for those things.

These are statements I’ve heard within the last week from a member of my family. Each time, I’ve succumbed to explaining how they are doing much better than they give themselves credit for. If you’re someone who believes they aren’t tech-savvy enough, let’s put it to the test.

Quiz Rules:

  • Answer honestly.
  • Give yourself 1 point for every ‘yes’ you answer. Give yourself 0 points for every ‘no’ answer.

1. Do you own any kind of cell phone? (Flip phones are included)
2. Do you know how to turn it on, off, and make calls?
3. Do you know what a text message is?
4. Can you send a text message?
5. Do you use any kind of email?
6. Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media account?
7. Do you have an iPad?
8. Do you know how to FaceTime or Skype?
9. Do you know what this image is?


10. Do you know who Siri is?
11. When an error code pops up on your device, do you know what to do?
12. Is there more than 1 app on your device that you check regularly? (ie weather, stocks, games, etc)
13. Have you ever shopped online?
14. Do you have Alexa or an Echo in your home?
15. Do you use a smartwatch or other wearable device?


8-15 Yes’s:  Give yourself some credit! Not only did you make it through the test, but you’re familiar with more than half of the technologies listed. You’re more tech-savvy than you give yourself credit for.

0-7 Yes’s: So this test was a little hard… you made it through and still scored something. You may not be racing out to purchase the latest and greatest tech, but you’re doing better than you realize.

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