4 Reasons why People Participate in a Clinical Study

Ever wonder why people choose to participate in a clinical study? Here are four possible reasons.

Let’s just state the obvious… without people, research can’t be done and medicine can’t advance. It takes people… lots and lots of people to continue making advances. It takes extremely smart people to create a vision and possibility. It takes detailed people to work out the hows and whys. It takes analytical people to piece it all together. And it takes the rest of us with our unique skills, life stories, and passions to support the endeavor toward progress.

So, why might someone volunteer for a clinical study? I’m glad you asked…

  1. Together, we can help further our collective knowledge. Clinical studies aren’t set up on a whim. Medical professionals spend months, and sometimes years, preparing and developing clinical studies that will further our understanding of a specific topic. Some clinical studies are used to gather data on existing, available products to measure functional success. Some are developed in the hopes of providing new treatments, surgeries, and solutions to people who are suffering. And we get to be a part of this. It’s pretty amazing, really, that everyday people can make a contribution to medicine in this way.
  2. Experience the forefront of technology. While this may be a turnoff for some, others love this idea. This can also be appealing for people who are sick or for whom other products haven’t worked. Sick patients with no treatment options also might find this reason enticing.
  3. Your care is provided and monitored under a strict protocol. Depending on the clinical study in which you are participating, you might have 24/7 direct access to your doctor and clinical research team. On top of that, your care is closely monitored to make sure certain care protocols are strictly adhered to.
  4. Clinical studies need a wide-array of people to participate. They need different genders, races, and ages. While there will be eligibility and exclusion criteria specified for each study, people from all walks of life are needed for various studies. Worried you're not tech-savvy enough? Talk to your surgeon before assuming you’re not a qualified candidate. You may know more than you think.

It is important to note that medical products undergoing a clinical study may be associated with known and unknown serious risks. It’s up to you and your doctor to decide if the benefits of your participation in a clinical study outweigh the potential risks.

Interested in learning more about what clinical studies are near you? Check out www.clinicaltrials.gov. This is a great place to find a listing of clinical studies available.

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